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A new year is upon us! The clock struck 2015 last night and everyone rang in the new year with a hankering for a fresh start. Oh wait, it’s January 2nd? So I’m a day late to the party, but let’s just pretend that it’s still the 1st for the time being. What better way to start off a new year than to be late!

I’ve seen a lot of people say I want to make 2015 “my year”. Now while I’m not sure how I feel about that, I do want to try to be more mindful by working on aspects of my life that I think need a little more love. Instead of setting an unrealistic amount of goals, I tried to think of a few that were really important to me. I guess five is still quite a bit, but that’s alright, I have all year. I can’t even remember what my goals were for 2014 so by posting about them this year hopefully my readers (and roommates who I know read this) will hold me more accountable.

Without further explanation of resolutions and the new year here’s a list of goals I would like to achieve in 2015:

1. Put more effort into planning for my blog and interact more with other bloggers in the community.

Of course I had to include my goals for A Side of Comfort. This blog has been a big part of 2014 for me, and I want to continue to develop my skills throughout the next year. In 2014, I went from being too scared to post anything to really loving the whole process. I say I love the process, but in reality behind the scenes I often find myself writing page long lists of posts never to be fully written or published. I’m even guilty of waiting until the day a post is supposed to go up to write it just because I’ve been busy with schoolwork. This year I want to focus on trying to be more on top of the blog schedule and have posts ready to go in advance. I bought a separate planner just for blog related things to help make this happen. Here’s hoping!

I also want to make a bigger effort to participate in the blogging community whether that’s commenting on other people’s posts more often, participating in Twitter chats, and especially responding to all the comments on my own posts. This explaining has gone on too long, but I just want to say that by working on this blog it has helped me bring out my passion for writing that I’ve always had, but never had a means to express it other than in essays for school.

2. Stop creating unnecessary stress for myself.

Before college I never considered myself a chronically stressed person. In high school I just did all my homework, did well on tests, and plodded along until college. I think some stress is healthy and I know eliminating all stress is an impossible task, but I have a bad habit of finding stress where there shouldn’t be any. Recently I’ve found myself unable to turn off the stress. I could be laying in bed over winter break and still feel like I have an overwhelming amount of things to get done. I can’t explain the feeling, but basically I just never feel content and fully relaxed, which is obviously a problem. Just being more mindful of the fact that some of the stress I’m feeling isn’t necessary is helping already. In 2015, I’m going to make an effort to think about that more often and decide what’s really worth my worries.

3. Find a stepping stone into the career path I want.

2015 is the big bad year that I graduate from college, meaning that this next year will be full of changes. I was going to simply make ‘find a job’ a goal, but that could mean anything and frankly is a bit daunting. Over the summer I worked as a baker, which while it did get me some money, didn’t make me happy. I would love to find something that can be an entry point into the field I’m pursing rather than just a means to make money, whether that’s an internship or a full-time position.

4. Be more frugal with my spending.

Over the past two semesters of school, I’ve been working part-time and taking classes which helped earn me a little spending money. Towards the end of the last semester though everything got a bit overwhelming and I decided I needed to quit my job and refocus more on school, finding a job post-graduation, and this blog. I’m very happy with my decision, but with it comes consequences. Namely, no steady income. It’s not so much a problem in terms of keeping up with bills because I’m fortunate enough to have parents that are supporting me. It just means I need to cut back on needless spending so I don’t completely deplete what’s saved in my bank account. I was worried that my blog would suffer because I wouldn’t be able to purchase as many products to review, but I think there are a lot of other bloggers out there with similar restrictions that are successful so I know it can be done.

5. Continue my path of healthy eating and fitness-oriented lifestyle.

This last one isn’t a goal necessarily, but rather a reminder of the hard work I put in during 2014 that I want to continue. 2015 is the first year that I can happily not list “lose weight”, “eat healthier”, or any variation of those as a resolution and that feels amazing to say. I’ve already done a post on my weight loss journey, but in case you missed that one; over the summer I made the decision to really commit to becoming a healthier person and lost around 40lbs. Just in case anyone out there is struggling with losing weight and becoming fitter I can’t emphasize enough how important making changes to your overall lifestyle helps make the transition much easier. I know a lot of people want to improve in this area during the new year, but I promise it is much more managable to enact change if you consider it a lifestyle improvement to become healthier and happier rather than approaching it by telling yourself that you’re not allowing yourself certain foods or that you have to do this to lose weight so you’ll look better.

If anything I hope this shows you that you don’t need the new year to make changes that you want in life. If you start to struggle with one of your resolutions and it doesn’t happen that doesn’t mean it’s over until next year. You can decide to make positive change whenever you want. It is nice though to feel like you have a new start whether that’s just a mental mindset or that new blank planner you bought that’s just waiting to be filled. So take advantage of 2015 and think about all the things you can accomplish! What are some of your resolutions? I’ve really been enjoying reading other people’s.

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    • Sam
    • January 3, 2015

    Happy New Year! I agree with that the ‘new year new me’ thing isn’t really for me either. Like you said, you can make changes any time you want! Good luck with your resolutions – I have a similar one in terms of careers.. I’m graduating this year too and the real world kind of scares me haha it would be nice to figure out what to do & find a job! Also it’s awesome that you’ve made lifestyle changes in terms of healthy eating – I really need to do this as well.

    1. Reply

      Thanks! It’s nice to hear from other people graduating this year as well. I’ve been reading a lot of other bloggers’s resolutions who are saying the same thing, so we’ll all be in the same boat! Good luck with your search 🙂

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