A Day in Boston #OOTD

Boston OutfitThis weekend I’m going on a quick trip to Boston, and I wanted to share one of the outfits I’m packing. Part of my day today and Sunday will be spent on a plane, so for those days comfort is key. Saturday though I plan to wear this when we’ll be out and about. This is a good casual day outfit, and since I’m not sure what exactly the plan is yet I think this look will suit most occasions.

This shirt from Lucy & Laurel is definitely my favorite thing to wear right now. I’ve been particularly drawn to more monochrome pieces recently which is a change for me. What I like most about this shirt though is the cut. It’s a little longer than most shirts, which goes nicely with skinny jeans. I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of distressed jeans probably since middle school, but this pair is perfect. There’s just a small amount of distressed areas while the overall look of the jeans is still put together. I’m not a fan of when jeans look so distressed that they start to look ratty. This pair is from the brand Max Jeans, and I got mine at TJ Maxx.

You definitely can’t go wrong throwing on some classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. They go with everything and are super easy to pull off. Plus just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean the sun is going away! I decided to borrow a scarf from a friend mainly because I don’t really know what to expect from the weather. I was nervous mixing the pattern in the scarf with the stripes on my shirt, but by choosing a scarf that was all one color and has some of the darker elements of the shirt I think they work well together.

My boots are the only shoes I plan on wearing during the trip, and they’re even easy to slip on and off in the airport security line. I’ve already shared my love for them in this post last week. I’ll try to be sure to post a full outfit picture on Saturday over on my Instagram @asideofcomfort, so if you’re curious what it all looks like put together follow me over there!

Green ScarfRay BansMax JeansDaily Look Saddle Bag

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    Love the outfit! I think the scarf goes well with it. I wear scarves all the time even if they don’t match.. that’s probably me being lazy though!

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      Thanks! I’m definitely glad I brought the scarf because it was so cold in Boston I ended up having to wear extra shirts layered underneath my clothes! Maybe I’m just a wimp though haha

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