Hi there! I’m Lori.

I’m the one behind A Side of Comfort. I have been creating content on this site since 2013, and although its gone through quite a few changes, I can’t seem to quit it. Whether it’s a beauty blog, and food blog, or a general lifestyle site I hope you find something that excites you!

I’m originally from the East coast, but currently live and work in the Bay Area out in sunny California. By day I work as a content marketing specialist, but you can find me hitting the yoga studio, grabbing a drink at happy hour, or bingeing YouTube videos in my spare time. If you want to know a little more about me, I’m a never ending list-maker, Mexican food enthusiast, and a lover of all things Harry Potter.

What is A Side of Comfort?

I’m so glad you decided to check out A Side of Comfort and what I have to say. I’ve made it my mission, and the mission of this site, to inspire creativity in everyday life. When we get busy with life creativity is often the first thing we let go, but I want to encourage you to think creatively in everything you do not just your side hobbies.

I hope you stick around to learn a little more about me. Feel free to shoot me an email or reach out on social media. Stay curious, stay creative, and stay comfy!

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