Bridal Shower Salted Caramel Cupcakes

bridal shower cupcakes

A few weeks ago my coworkers and I threw a surprise bridal shower for some lovely ladies at work. Everyone joined together to make all the treats and decorations, so for my part I decided to make mini cupcakes! I usually try to play it safe with flavors for work events because you just never know what people may hate, but I thought dark chocolate salted caramel was a safe enough bet.

If you’re scared of baking with caramel like I am, this recipe from Sugar Spun Run could not have been easier or more delicious! I have a major hesitation when it comes to working with caramel after many frustrating attempts at piping caramel for the bakery I worked at two years ago. Caramel and tossing bread dough were the two things I just could not master.

We used these adorable gift tags from Wedding Paper Divas to create little signs for each cupcake. They definitely added a bit of snazziness to the otherwise mediocre icing job. Side note: I want to learn how to ice flowers on top of cupcakes! It looks so good.

bridal shower dessert table
I am all about the mini cupcakes now! I would almost go so far as to say I never want to make full size cupcakes again. The mini size was perfect for the bridal shower because with all the other appetizing things people made nobody had room for a whole cupcake. I highly recommend keeping food bite-sized at these sorts of events.

photo booth backdrop
This was the photobooth backdrop at the party! Isn’t it so cute?

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