3 Christmas iPhone & Desktop Wallpapers to Feel Instantly Festive

holiday wallpapers

Anyone who sees me use a computer could probably tell you that I change my background more frequently than anyone else I know, and Christmas is my favorite time to switch up my phone and computer wallpapers to be extra festive. I’ve always had a passion for graphic design, so that, plus my love for Christmassy anything, inspired me to create and share these designs with you. My love for graphic design was reignited after taking the Digitize Your Hand Lettering class from Brit+Co, and I have been obsessed with creating fun images like these ever since. By the way, the class is free right now so definitely check it out! For now, here are 3 Christmas iPhone and desktop wallpapers for you to download and enjoy!

Holiday Vibes

Download the Holiday Vibes iPhone Wallpaper

Download the Holiday Vibes Desktop Wallpaper


Download the Holidayzzz iPhone Wallpaper

Download the Holidayzzz Desktop Wallpaper

Dear Santa

Download Dear Santa iPhone Wallpaper

Download Dear Santa Desktop Wallpaper

Let me know what you think! I’d love to keep creating more of these throughout the year with different themes.

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