My Gift Wrapping Tips & Ideas on Christmas Eve

Wrapping presents is a part of Christmas that I have always loved, but in the past few years I’ve really tried to get more creative with my gift wrapping skills. What may be a chore to some people is so much fun to me! I usually spend the weeks leading up to the 25th occasionally browsing Pinterest and my favorite blogs for inspiration. I especially love to add DIY touches to my gifts where I can so if you’re still searching for some Christmas present wrapping ideas hopefully this gives you some inspiration.

Play with different textures.

This year it’s all about the yarn! I knew I wanted to add yarn to my presents this year, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I think it just gives the presents that cozy feel that everyone loves at the holidays. I used a chunky red and white twisted yarn from Knot & Bow as well as some yarn bows on a few gifts. Similarly, I used a wire-like ribbon with white pom poms (see below) that I think added something special tied around the gifts.

Make a statement with gift tags.

As much as I love a good sticker gift tag, creating your own can be super rewarding. I opted for tree and ornament shaped gift tags this year. I was slightly concerned that the tree gift tags resembled car air fresheners a little too closely, but I think after they’ve been decorated nobody will notice. Also, I will never get over how cute mini clothespins are!

Mix and match wrapping papers.

Using at least two different wrapping papers is an essential part of my gift wrapping plan. I like to mix and match different colors and patterns so that when they’re all under the tree they don’t look too similar. This year I used a kraft paper style personalized gift wrap from Tiny Prints and a red roll from Shutterfly.

Don’t cover everything.

The thrill of ripping open a present may be exciting, but some gifts don’t need covering up. Tying together layered personalized stationery is a cute way to gift something small and meaningful, plus, the stationery looks good enough on it’s own.

Draw on the bag!

Can’t find a gift bag that you like? If you’re in a pinch or you just want to get crafty, grab a solid colored bag and a paint pen and start drawing. I like that you can create completely custom gifts this way.

Happy wrapping and merry Christmas!

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