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Lush Fall Picks

It’s finally getting colder here, which means bath time is a much more welcome activity. There’s a lot of hype around Lush at the moment because of the release of their holiday items, and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on a few things. I’m sure I’ll be going back for some more closer to December because I just couldn’t get myself in the Christmas spirit just yet. Sorry santa bath bombs, but it’s a little too early for me. Here’s what I ended up with though:

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95). The standout here is obviously the glitter and the amazing bright orange color. Need I say more? I’ve already used half of this and the glitter wasn’t as much of a hassle as I first thought it might be, so don’t be put off by that. It has a fresh scent that Lush describes as juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils.

Lush Shoot For The Stars

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb ($6.95). It’s no wonder I picked this bath bomb over all the others. My two favorite Lush fragrances have to be the sweet candy scent and the honey scent, and this one is of the latter camp. The colors of this look amazing as well. Deep blue is always a relaxing bath color and the yellow peeking through looks like it would make for a fun multi-color explosion. Apparently there’s even silver in this from the star!

Lush Melting Snowman

The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt ($5.95). Even though this is a more Christmassy one I couldn’t resist. I love the bath melts because they always leave my skin super soft, although this one isn’t as slippery as most of the others. The smell of this little guy is different than anything else I’ve smelled at Lush before also. It’s a nice warm cinnamon smell that I can’t wait to sink into. Plus it’s so cute!

Have you picked up anything up from Lush’s holiday collection yet?

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    I’ve never tried anything from Lush but these look really cute! I’m more of a shower person so I don’t think I’d get bath bombs, but I’d like to try some of their skincare stuff. And I agree, it’s not Christmas until Thanksgiving is over 😉

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