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Halloween Orange Velvet S’more Monsters

3 years ago

Just when you thought you were getting caught up on the pumpkin baking trend Halloween hits you! And if you’re anything like my Pinterest feed, you have to make a Halloween themed food (preferably a dessert fit for a kindergarten class). As if thinking of a sufficient Halloween costume wasn’t enough pressure!

Food & Drink

35 Pumpkin Recipes to Make Before December 1st

3 years ago

Whip out your can openers and make a little room in your stomach, because I’ve collected a semi-ridiculous amount of pumpkin recipes for you to try- 35, to be exact. The first hint of fall and those tiny cans of pumpkin start flying off the shelf! But first- is it me or do the non-Libby’s […]


Crumbs {Halloween Fun, Craft Projects, + Youtube Love}

3 years ago

1. I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog, but I’ve pretty much told everyone about it already so I’ll keep it short. A few weekends ago I went kayaking with otters and sea lions!! It’s probably the best thing I’ve done since moving to California. 2. I usually ignore those “recommended follow” suggestions […]


Crumbs Returns!

3 years ago

Today’s post comes at you after a particularly bind-happy yoga class, and is fueled by the banana rice cake snack I snuck into the Peet’s coffee shop I’m currently working at. I’m going to try to limit these posts to only ten things each week from now on, but we’ll see how that goes. 1. […]

Food & Drink Recipes

Fall Kale Salad + Cinnamon Croutons

3 years ago

Today is the day I can officially say something I never thought I would be able to say. I LOVE a kale salad. I also never thought I would be making an official statement concerning my position on a vegetable, but that’s another thing entirely. In the past I’ve only ever tried one dish with […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Stuffed Dates

3 years ago

I know you’ve been eyeing up ALL the pumpkin themed food recently. How could you not with recipes popping up everywhere online and grocery stores prominently displaying their pumpkin goods front and center. ‘Tis the season to ride the #PSL wave! I love the heat of the summer, but once the pumpkin trend comes full […]

Banana Frappuccino

3 years ago

I’ve been dreaming up this recipe for months now. The first time around I tried freezing the coffee in a paper bowl, but then I never got around to making it. Soooo…… I went all in and bought an ice cube tray just for this. Because once you spend $1 on an ice cube tray […]

Frozen Pizza Night (with a Classy Twist!)

3 years ago

In my opinion everyone needs a pizza in the freezer for when either 1) the pizza craving hits and you don’t feel like going out or paying for delivery or 2) you just can’t be bothered to make anything else. Thursday was of the number two variety. But that didn’t stop me from spicing up […]

July Beauty Favorites (Natural Skincare Edition)

3 years ago

I mentioned in my June favorites that I had a natural skincare fiasco last month. As in my all or nothing personality kicked in and I tried to make way too many changes way too fast.  Even though that didn’t work out, I took a step back from it and decided to go the store-bought […]

Crunchy Honey Pretzel Oatmeal

3 years ago

This is my favorite kind of recipe to make. Breakfast! Have you ever had pretzels for breakfast before? Yeah, me neither. It’s a dangerous idea to introduce pretzels to the breakfast world because if you don’t know this about me, I’m a pretzel fiend. While my boyfriend feels that they’re one of the most bland, […]