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Anyone who has seen my nail polish collection would know that I’m typically an Essie girl through and through, but there’s a new nail polish out there that has stolen my heart. The Sephora Formula X polish isn’t exactly new, it just wasn’t something I was dying to try when it first came out. I was kind of biased in my assumption that brands like Essie and OPI had a leg up in that they’re exclusively a nail polish brand rather than Sephora. But I was happily mistaken.

I happened across a bottle of this at Marshalls one day and figured I would give it a go, not expecting much. While the color (At Your Own Risk) isn’t exactly a typical winter color, I couldn’t resist painting my nails with it right away. Plus it’s something I didn’t already have in my collection which is hard to believe for most people who know how much nail polish I have.

The bulky square top comes off to reveal a normal nail polish handle, which is nice because painting with that large block would prove to be a hassle I’m sure. The brush itself is a nice size, not so skinny to make it difficult but not as wide as some Rimmel polishes I’ve tried which have their own challenges.

The Sephora Formula X is by no means a one coat and you’re done polish so if you’re looking for speed this might not be for you. That’s the main reason I love it so much though because its thin formula means that it doesn’t apply too thick and cause bubbles. You get an even application every time. The first coat leaves a translucent wash of color, but after the second it’s completely opaque and flawless.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Essie polishes and will no doubt continue to buy them. However, I’m a big fan now of Sephora’s polish and will be opting for this formula every now and then. At $10.50 they’re priced in line with other nail polishes, but with a little searching I’m sure you can find them on sale.

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    That color is a stunner! I’m a fellow Formula X lover too. I got “The System” kit (haha, that name cracks me up for some weird reason…) and I love it. The top coat is seriously amazing, your nails pretty much look like gels, and your manicure lasts for days. Almost 6 days without chips is the longest I’ve ever gone!
    XO Camey

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      Haha I’ve heard of it, but I didn’t realize it was called “The System”. So official for nail polish. 6 days is definitely impressive! Maybe I’ll check that out when I run out of top coat.

    • Cindy
    • February 22, 2015

    Oh man this color is gorgeous and would be perfect for Spring! I might need to go pick this up.

    I must say I was quite impressed with the Sephora line – I picked one up during the Sephora sale last year and I can’t wait to get my hands on more! I had a similar experience where the first layer was light, but the second layer was like bam – solid.

    Cindy //

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      Thanks! This reminds me that I need to put this color back into my regular rotation with spring creeping up (fingers crossed!) I’ve been wearing a lot of dark shades since it’s been so cold.

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